Debenhams Reveals Brand New Look


Debenhams has unveiled a radical redesign of the brand’s retail offering, with the modernisation of its stores and brand identity to mark the dawn of an exciting new era for the department store.


Portview upgraded Debenhams’ key retail outlets in Leicester and Cambridge, by creating open spaces that integrate a modern environment with plush fixtures and finishes to give the space a more contemporary look and feel, whilst still honouring the brand’s 200-year heritage.

Phased over a 26-week period; the revamped Leicester store now boasts new fixtures, showrooms highlighting new items, fitting rooms, new cosmetics and watch areas, and the introduction of its own food brand The Kitchen – now being served in its newly refurbished restaurant. The colour palette encompasses organic tones of warm greys and oatmeal, punctuated with splashes of turquoise, and complemented with amtico and ceramic flooring.

The focal point – statement angular, recessed strip lighting above each of the service centres – was designed and installed by Portview in accordance to a brief supplied by Debenhams. In the past 6 and a half years Portview have completed over 50 projects for Debenhams including four new stores, and seven modernisations, restaurants, optimisations, food offers, and space moves.

Simon Campbell, Managing Director of Portview Fit-Out said:

“We have a great relationship with Debenhams and have played an integral part in the evolution of the brand by collaborating on a number of projects together. It’s been an incredible journey and one that’s close to our hearts as we share a long history and deep appreciation of each other’s strengths. The fact Debenhams has continued to seek our services is a testament to Portview’s reputation as the go-to contractor for exceptional interior fit-outs, be it for high street or high-end brands.

“With the new upgraded stores, it’s a hugely exciting time for Debenhams as they deliver new and improved shopping experiences, innovations and products for a more dynamic and immersive experience, where customers can relax, shop and enjoy.”