LEVEL 01: Architectural Sketch-Along with SLC Scribbles


‘Sharpen Your Skills’ – Live Sketch-Along with SLC Scribbles

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Join us on World Architecture Day for a live sketch-along with Creative Director and urban sketcher, Siu-Lan Choi (@SLC.Scribbles) who will teach us how to draw complex architectural landmarks with ease. This workshop is perfect for both beginners or anyone looking to reinforce their existing urban sketching skills.
Equipped with just a pen and paper, this course will help you build core observational and drawing skills needed for on-location and off-location sketching. Using an architectural photograph as a reference point, Siu-Lan will demonstrate that one doesn’t need hours to grab the essence of a place successfully.

PRIZE COMPETITION: At the end of the workshop, attendees are invited to share their sketches on social media for the chance to win top-of-the-range sketching supplies.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: architectural drawing, perspective, ability to sketch complex scenes, capturing the essence of a place

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