World Duty Free Gatwick

A challenging airside fit-out that brings together elite perfumers and a streamline fit-out for a thriving retail environment

The brand new World Duty Free design at the 35,000 sq ft site features both standard units and bespoke elements, alongside big brand concession stands which incorporate premium fragrance, tobacco and alcohol.

The first fix installation included sprinkler system, electrical distribution cabling, smoke transfer and air conditioning ductwork. Portview’s decorators painted the ceiling void in a matt black emulsion finish to conceal services and structures from view. Services were contained within a designated service zone, determined by Portview’s in-house CAD team, in order to prevent any clash with ceiling finishes and suspension systems.   

Metal stud partition walling as well as several wall linings were constructed before moving on to form the suspension system. Any exposed sections of the installation were painted out black to conceal works within the ceiling void.

The tiled floor finish followed a (working pattern) programme which was developed in order to reduce disruption to the other trades.  The entire sales floor area received a 600 x 600mm reconstituted stone tile which was placed in a two-tone formation, black being the area directly under the plasterboard ceiling raft and depicting the direction of travel through the unit alongside white to the main sales areas. Several perfume houses and concessions received their own brand of tile which Portview co-ordinated with their own unique furniture layout.

The end stages included decorating offices and storage, as well as signage installations, a feature tasting bar and ceiling feature, airport CCTV and marketing equipment. 

  • Client: World Duty Free Group
  • Location: Gatwick Airport, London
  • Size: 3,250 sq m
  • Timescale: 14 weeks weeks
  • Designer: RPA and WDF
  • Budget: £1m

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