Samsung KX

In 2019, Portview completed a state-of-the-art brand showcase for tech giant, Samsung, in King’s Cross.

Located within the iconic ‘kissing point’ of the two curved rooftops in the new Coal Drops Yard development, Samsung KX is a showcase that’s packed with cutting-edge tech innovations.

The new 20,000 sq ft showcase boasts several bespoke design features that are the first of their kind, including an architectural lighting frame embedded within the sales floor to create a curved, illuminated arc in both the east and west ceilings.

With Portview appointed as the main contractor, the project team consisted of Cheil who worked with Samsung to conceptualise and deliver Samsung KX, and design studios Brinkworth and KSS.

The new showcase boasts ample natural light and stunning views overlooking the Coal Drops Yard with floor to ceiling glazing that spans the entire façade. Inside, the space is carefully detailed with premium finishes such as porcelain flooring, a custom engineered steel roof, solid oak furniture and aluminium mosaic tiles, to give it a distinct edge that’s reminiscent of a contemporary London loft.

Samsung KX also features a prominent crystal acrylic installation from Korean designer, Saerom Yoon, representing the brand’s heritage in Seoul. The ‘Blue Pillar’ design purposefully replicates a watercolour painting through his use of carefully selected gradient tones and natural textures to provide a light ambience within the space.

The sheer size of Samsung KX required huge amounts of skill and effort from over 600 project team members to coordinate the installation of bespoke fixtures and materials from across Europe. This included the installation of:

- 62 tonnes of bespoke ceramic tile flooring

- 65 dB rated walls

- The world’s first curved Screenmax screen, consisting of 168 cabinets and 1,008 LED tiles

- 774 data points connected with 36 miles of cabling

- 320Kw of cooling capacity

- 1 sq km of insulation

- 220 bespoke light fittings, each capable of being remotely controlled up to 50m away.

The showcase will host a series of cultural events throughout the year, from film nights and gaming tournaments on the world’s first 10-metre-wide Samsung curved screen, to cocktail masterclasses in the connected kitchen.

Free interactive experiences in Samsung KX include:

Digital Cockpit:
The world’s first connected driving experience that brings to life the future of automotive through virtual reality. Guests can explore revolutionary in-car features that allows the driver to control the radio simply by saying phrases such as ‘play next song’ and includes a memory system that alerts the driver when they are distracted or drowsy.

Galaxy Graffiti:
Guests can virtually make their mark on the 10 metre-wide screen across a range of digital London backdrops and share their creations on social media as a memento of their visit.

DJ Galaxy:
For the aspiring musicians, this unique DJ booth experience teaches guests to create, perform and record bespoke beats with the tap of a Samsung smartphone.

AR Message Tree:
Guests can leave AR notes under the ‘kissing point’ of the space for others to unfold.

3D ME & Collage Me:
Those wanting to push the boundaries of self-expression can create and take away their very own free mini 3D figure or even turn a selfie into a unique, personalised collage to share on social media

In-house Café:
Locals can escape from the office and hot-desk, or get together with friends, over a specialty Origin coffee.

  • Client: Samsung
  • Location: Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross
  • Size: 1858 sq m
  • Timescale: 52 weeks
  • Designer:
  • Budget: £

“Samsung KX has been built with local heritage at its heart and this is reflected heavily in the design; right from the roof to the floor tiles. This is a destination which absolutely embodies the community of London while boasting pioneering design and challenging architectural norms. We want to be a destination of culture and innovation and that starts from the building itself. We’re excited to provide a location for the community that fuels the creativity of King’s Cross and beyond.”

Tanya Weller, Director of Samsung

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