Nespresso, Manchester Arndale

Nespresso’s concept boutique merges retail with hospitality in an immersive space that reflects the deep commitment Nespresso has to a circular economy through careful design.

Every feature of the retail environment has been purposefully designed to reference the provenance of the coffee in a bid to connect the customer to its cultural roots. This includes the table tops which are made of used coffee grounds from the Nespresso factory in Switzerland, to wood which has been 100% sourced from Nespresso reforestation programs on coffee farms. 

The brushed aluminium lamps suspended above the tasting areas, also subtly reference the bean to cup journey by emulating the heat lamps that help to harvest the coffee plants.

The store incorporates two complementary geometric shapes that pay tribute to the ethos of the luxury coffee brand. The square, which can be seen in the display units and POS, is synonymous with the brand's values of perfection, pleasure, aestheticism and simplicity. The circle, which is referenced in the store’s bar stools and curved tasting unit, evokes the coffee cup, discovery, tasting, and the senses. Eclectic materials, such as bespoke joinery, soft leather, brushed metal and polished glass, have been used to evoke a more harmonious shopping experience.

  • Client: Nespresso
  • Location: Arndale
  • Size: 160 sq m
  • Timescale: 11 weeks
  • Designer: INEDIT Architecture
  • Budget: £Non-disclosed

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