Portview Style It Out with New Tiffany Concept Boutique


Portview has completed a brand-new omnichannel boutique for luxury jeweller Tiffany & Co. in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.


As a concept like no other for the brand, the new store is designed to encourage creative interaction and play. The Covent Garden concept store embodies Tiffany’s trailblazing attitude towards modern jewellery styling: embracing individuality and the art of self-expression. Offering a fresh perspective to the luxury environment, the dynamic space is a place of creativity, not formality.

Measuring 200 sq m, the open space boasts a bright interior where bold, typographical wall visuals are paired with splashes of the brand’s signature ‘Tiffany Blue’, which is accented throughout the space with carefully selected paint finishes and

The boutique features an installation of Tiffany Blue® boxes, a #MakeItTiffany personalisation bar, and a floor-to-ceiling screen, group seating and wall graphics showcasing a prominent ‘T’ motif.

Other design features include a world-first Tiffany fragrance vending machine, and wooden crates displaying playful, ‘Everyday Objects’ accessories.

The open ‘Everyday Objects’ crate displays are juxtaposed with the traditional jewellery glass counters to help strike a perfect balance of contemporary design touches with more traditional components.

“We are honoured that Tiffany & Co. have entrusted us with a number of their stores over the years. The concept store was particularly exciting, as it offered an entirely new design concept with plenty of interactive features and quirky décor that’s unlike any other Tiffany store we’ve worked on.”

Simon Campbell, Managing Director of Portview

“The overall look reflects Tiffany & Co’s dynamic and whimsical approach to high-end retail, without the formality that’s typically attached to upmarket brands. The space encourages shoppers to think outside the little blue box and engage in various forms of self-expression, personification and product innovation.”

“We’re delighted that both client and shopper feedback has been so positive, and we wish the entire Tiffany & Co. team all the best of luck with the store.”