Portview Commences Work on New Cervical Screening Centre of Excellence

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Visuals provided by KB Architects

Visuals provided by KB Architects

Work has commenced on a state-of-the-art cervical screening facility to support the UK’s recent transition to hrHPV (high risk human papilloma virus) primary screening, to aid earlier disease detection and improve patient outcomes.

Based in the Halo building in Central London, the new Cervical Screening London (CSL) service has been commissioned by NHSE and is provided via an exciting new partnership between specialist pathology provider, Health Services Laboratories (HSL), and the London North West University Healthcare Trust (LNWUH).

CSL has drawn upon HSL’s parent company, Sonic Health Care’s, previous experience with this transition in Australia and utilized HSL and LNWUH’s London based specialist pathology and training expertise to consolidate ten existing screening services into one central hub forming the new center of excellence in modern, integrated cervical screening.

As the first step in the screening process, CSL tests all cervical screening samples for hrHPV, an infection responsible for causing almost all cervical cancers. Samples that test positive for hrHPV will have a slide prepared and examined under a microscope to help spot any abnormal cells allowing early treatment before cancer develops.

The transition from cytology to hrHPV primary screening will help to identify more women at risk of developing cervical cancer at an earlier stage and prevent around 600 additional cancers each year.

Adele Richards, Project Manager for Cervical Screening London, said:

“HSL are proud to be the preferred provider of best practice cervical screening services for London. The commissioning of this new CSL facility will mark the completion of the conversion and consolidation phases of this complex transformation from a dispersed, primarily cytology-based program to a modern, fully integrated hrHPV primary screening service.

“This will no doubt improve health outcomes for countless women in London.”

KB Architects were appointed as architects and project managers by HSL, alongside fit-out specialists Portview, to deliver the new CSL service.

Speaking about the design, Kimia Benam, Director of KB Architects, said:

“We are excited to be back at the Halo building in the heart of London’s Medcity to design and deliver the newly formed Cervical Screening London service for HSL. This location provides close proximity to major teaching hospitals, the Crick Institute and Wellcome headquarters.

“To make this project happen, we had to convert 5,000 square foot of existing offices into clinical laboratory spaces. We have worked closely in partnership with the user groups, design teams and Portview, to ensure all of HSL’s aspirations are met.

“The concept is intended to blend the new spaces into the existing fabric of the building and its interior design strategy, by interjecting the most modern and appropriate specifications to create a stimulating and efficient working environment.”

Managing Director of Portview, Simon Campbell added:

“It’s hugely exciting to know that once we complete the fit-out of this amazing facility, it will undoubtedly go on to save lives. It’s the most rewarding thing to come out of any project we’ve done in the last 45 years and in turn, it marks a milestone for us as we continue to broaden our reach in the medical science sector.”

For more information, visit: www.hslpathology.com