LEVEL 04: Nature at Work


The Beauty of Biophilic Design – Oliver Heath, Biophilia Design Expert

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Biophilia Design Expert, Oliver Heath, explores the emerging science and style of Biophilic Design; discussing new research that demonstrates how strengthening the human connection with nature can improve the many spaces we live and work in. These improvements can help to reduce stress and aid recuperation to improve mental and physical health plus cognitive performance.

In doing so, Biophilic Design can improve the health and wellbeing of many of the most important spaces in our lives –  be it education, healthcare hospitality, the workplace environments. The resulting benefits include improving rates of productivity and creativity, whilst reducing absenteeism – creating happier, healthier places to live and work.

Oliver will explain what Biophilic Design is, how to apply it to buildings at a variety of costs, plus demonstrate how to build a business case to support its implementation. Along the way, Oliver will also demonstrate how we can enhance our own home workstations by creating beautiful desktop terrariums.

The Biophilic Design seminar will cover the following points:

  • Why health and wellbeing is impacting on our approach to the built environment?
  • Statistics demonstrating why health and wellbeing is an essential feature to consider in spatial design
  • What are the causes and negative impact of stress in buildings?
  • The growth of wellbeing buildings globally
  • What is biophilia and biophilic design?
  • Why is biophilic design important to each of us individually?
  • How do we connect to nature in the city?
  • What is biophilic design – the core principles and the 14 patterns – an explanation.
  • Strategies for implementing biophilic design at a zero to low cost, medium to high cost
  • Case studies of biophilic spaces interspersed throughout the presentation
  • The evidence (proof points) that supports the benefit of a Biophilic approach to education,
  • Healthcare, retail domestic and workplace settings – evidence-based research

PRIZE COMPETITION: At the end of the workshop, attendees are invited to share photographs of biophilic designs within their own work environments. The winning photograph will win a year-long family membership for the National Trust.

LEANING OUTCOMES: terrarium creation, biophilic design theory and core principles

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