LEVEL 02: Sketch-Along Yoga with SLC Scribbles & Liz Coleman


‘Strike A Pose’ – Yoga Sketch-Along Workshop with Siu-Lan Choi and Liz Coleman

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It doesn’t matter what type of drawing you specialise in, life drawing is the uniting practice that keeps pushing us to grow – AND it’s so much fun!

Join us for a live yoga sketch-along workshop with Interior Designer and Yogi, Liz Coleman, to learn about tension, balance and posture.

This session will include expert guidance from Creative Director and Urban Sketcher, Siu-Lan Choi, on how to improve your sketching skills through life drawing, as well as learning stretching tips for tired hands and strained necks.

An hour’s worth of virtual creative calm – who can say no to that?

PRIZE COMPETITION: At the end of the workshop, attendees are invited to share their sketches on social media for the chance to win a luxury, Lifeforme Yoga mat.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Life sketching skills, balance and posture technique, observation skills

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