Cervical Screening London

Based in the Halo building in Central London, the Cervical Screening London (CSL) service was commissioned by NHSE and provided by specialist pathology provider, Health Services Laboratories (HSL), in partnership with the London North West University Healthcare


When it comes to health and wellbeing, we understand the importance of creating high quality spaces that promote interaction between stakeholders, whether it's scientists, patients, employees or customer; and supporting productivity. From some state-of-the-art pathology labs, to private health and fitness spas, we are equipped with the experience and industry know-how to deliver the most innovative and specialised environments.


Key Points of Interest

To make this project happen, Portview had to convert 5,000 square foot of existing offices into clinical laboratory spaces.

The concept blends the new spaces into the existing fabric of the building, by interjecting the most modern and appropriate specifications to create a stimulating and efficient working environment.

“Portview engaged early and proactively in the design and delivery process, working collaboratively with the architectural team to deliver our concept. They understand the value of good design and they pay close attention to the detail which was critical to the success of this project.”

Kimia Benam, Director, KB Architects